The Well Prayer Group

The Well is a Prayer Group for young people based in Christ the Redeemer, Lagmore which is run in conjunction with Youth Initiatives. The group is open to young people from 3rd Year upwards in the Colin area of Belfast and beyond. The Well provides young people with an opportunity to explore their personal faith and to engage with the Catholic Church in a real and meaningful way. The group gather to pray and discuss their faith, whilst also sharing food, fellowship and the craic.

The Well is led by the youth of the Church, for the youth of the Church, all for the Glory of God. This peer ministry experience creates a sense of connectedness as we share and grow in faith together.

The group meetings have a particular focus or theme which is explored across three weeks. Some of the previous three week series include Who is Jesus?, How to Read the Bible?, Forgiveness, Living a Christ Directed Life and How to Pray?. Each topic includes a practical or experiential element. As part of the Who is Jesus? Programme there was a time of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, during the Forgiveness sessions there was an opportunity to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation and as part of the How to read the Bible series we provided an experience of Lectio Divina. In other sessions we explored various forms of prayer, including the Rosary. We also have put our faith in action by serving the local community.

The structure of the evening is fairly simple but powerful. It opens with a welcome and icebreaker/game. This is followed by a talk or an activity on a particular topic which helps the young people to think and share. An essential part of the meeting is a time of engaging prayer whether it is through music, intercessory prayer, meditation, adoration or Tazie music. Each meeting ends with a time of sharing some much enjoyed food and hanging out.

Although the evening may have a simple layout, a lot of thought and work goes into preparing the sessions. It is especially important that we have an open, welcoming atmosphere. The programme is always organised in advance and we create an ambient atmosphere in the hall by using coloured lighting, a centrepiece or focus, visual displays and relevant music that the young people enjoy. All this gives a welcoming feel to The Well and gives the young people a sense that they are entering a sacred space, a space where they will encounter God along with their friends.

In addition to the different series in practicing their Catholic Faith together, there is a Youth Mass that runs monthly in conjunction with The Well. The Mass always has an interactive, lively and engaging feel which encourages young people to share in the celebration with their friends and peers.

The next upcoming Youth Masses will be on Sunday 24th November and Sunday 15th December both at 7.30pm in Christ the Redeemer Church, Lagmore and are for anyone of secondary school age upwards. The Well meets each week at 7:30pm in the Parish Hall in Lagmore and is open to all young people and young adults.

 If you would like more information about The Well please contact Sarah at the Youth Initiatives office on 028 90 301174.



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