The Faith & Life Convention 2014

More than 600 people, of all ages, from all over the diocese, gathered to attend this years ‘Faith & Life’ Convention at Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College, Knock, on Saturday 20th September. The purpose of the day was to support one another in having conversations about the meaning of the faith and its relevance to every area of our lives. The conversations, on the day, were interesting, diverse, educational and without a doubt, encouraging.

The Down & Connor Folk Group (DCF) welcomed the congregation and Bishop Farquhar led the opening prayer. The special guest speaker was John Allen Jr. who is associate editor at the Boston Globe and senior Vatican analyst for CNN@JohnLAllenJr. John has fostered close links with the Pope through his work as a journalist so it is fair to say his keynote address was insightful and highly inspiring. Following John Allen’s speech, there was a panel discussion, chaired by Martina Purdy. The panel were open to all questions from the crowd so it led to some fairly interesting discussions.

In the afternoon, all present were invited to take part in various faith workshops. The youth, in attendance at the convention, were invited to attend our ‘Living Youth Alpha’ workshop. The workshop proved to be highly enjoyable as it started with music, food and icebreakers. Following the fun, Living Youth launched the first episode of Alpha and it proved to be a huge success as many young people have now signed up to take part in the course.

Living Youth closed the day by leading the congregation in final prayer. Many young people, from throughout Down & Connor, got involved in the acting, singing and readings. Indeed, they were an excellent representation of the youth in our diocese and we should be ever so proud. It was without a doubt an enjoyable day for all.