SEARCH – St Louis House

SEARCH Group 2013 

SEARCH is a peer ministry faith development experience that draws on the enthusiasm and faith of young adults as they lead their peers to a greater understanding of their relationship with God and each other.


St Louis House Search, St Michael the Archangel Parish, West Belfast is co-ordinated by Ita Heatley – along with Sr Luca and Sr Anne.  Groups of both 2nd and 3rd level students gave freely oftheir time and talents in preparing an experience that sought to inspire young people – and bring them closer to God.


From Friday pm to Sunday afternoon, 43 young Catholics went on a faith-filled journey of discovery through sharing faith, fun, and friendship.  The theme of the weekend was CALLED TO SERVE.


Music, drama, and quiet times for prayer, with a few challenging talks from external speakers, were a big part of this experience, and the limitless self-giving of the Search Team meant that the energy levels never waned, and left those of us who are young at heart, breathless and glad of a night’s sleep!


Some of the most impressive input was from Ciaran McCaffrey and Michaela Press from St Louis House, who were among the main leaders of the weekend, and helped direct the activities.  They shared how the SEARCH experience had changed their outlook on life, and how the faith of others around them had really helped their own faith to grow!


As observers, myself and Brendan were made incredibly welcome and at all times were treated with respect and love.  Our young peope were just jaw-droppingly brilliant.  They were so honest and full of integrity.  They brought their faith to others in friendship and in a spirit of service.


There is only one word to sum up our experience of this style of youth ministry – inspiring!