Rome Pilgrimage, 2014

The Living Youth team took a group of 38 young people to Rome on Monday 4th August, 2014. They enjoyed a five day stay in one of the most historical and religious cities in the world. Rome is often described as the world’s biggest open air museum as it has so much to see and offer. The Living Youth team stayed at the Irish College, in Rome, as it’s a fantastic location for exploring Rome. Rome has so much to do so the week’s itinerary was filled to the brim!

When the team arrived, they began by exploring the Santa Croce which contains relics of the Turin Shroud. Following this, they visited the world famous Trevi Fountain (ice-cream time!!) and attended Night Prayer led by Team San Pietro.

On Day 2, the team got to go to Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. Following this amazing experience, they visited the Basilica of St. John Lateran. Dinner was held in the Li Rioni and the evening ended with a walking tour to Piazza Navona. Team San Paolo led the group into prayer on this occasion.

Day 3 was another fun filled day as the group got to explore the Colosseum and the world renowned Spanish Steps. Night Prayer was led by Team San Giovanni Paolo II.

Day 4 began with a tour of St. Paul’s outside the Walls. After lunch, the team got a chance to go shopping and you guessed it, have more ice-cream. That evening, the Rome team did one final tour of Rome. Night prayer was led by the leaders. The group spent time praying, singing, telling stories and playing games before bringing the day to a close.

The final day started with Morning Prayer. Following this, the Living Youth group visited the Church of Bones. After lunch, the young people played games before departing the Irish College. On the way to the airport, the team visited the Catacombs and this is where the final mass was held.

Indeed, the Rome pilgrimage was without a doubt an amazing and unforgettable experience for the young people involved. Lifelong friendships were made and faith was instilled – for many it was life changing.

The next youth pilgrimage will take place in August, 2015.  Watch out for updates on our website/Facebook if you would like to get involved.