Pope JPII Award Workshop Day @ Living Youth

Over 65 young people & their leaders, from schools and parishes across the diocese, attended the Pope John Paul II Award Workshop day so that they could complete their Final Summary piece in a reflective, fun and meaningful way. The day began with refreshments, ice-breakers and morning prayer. The young people then split up into groups and attended four various workshops, throughout the day, so that they could complete their Final Summary booklet. Lunch was pizza and juice and the day came to a close with Mass with Fr. Raymond McCullagh. A highly successful and enjoyable day for all in attendance – thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered! The work you do is truly inspiring. Have a look at what some of our young people thought about the day:

“I felt the most useful part of the day was realising how the JPII Award has made my faith stronger.”

“I think the most useful part of the day was completing the booklet in different sections and workshops, with the different leaders. Each workshop changed it up and it was refreshing to see a new face…”

“The workshops were extremely enjoyable and they enabled me to learn a lot more than what I knew before.”

“It was nice reflecting on my award experience and realising how much it has changed me…”

“The best part of the day was meeting other young people from other groups and hearing about their experience.”

“I enjoyed being with my friends and seeing us all grow in faith, together, that day.”

“The Mass was so enjoyable but also so calm and relaxing. I always love Mass at Living Youth because the music is amazing and Fr. Raymond is such a lovely priest!”

“I enjoyed meeting others doing the award as it inspired me to do more for charity… I loved the mass too!”

“I’m really glad I attended the day as it was a lovely way to end the award and reflect upon it.”

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