Pope John Paul II Award – Holy Week

As Easter Week was approaching, while most people were starting to turn off for the holidays, others preparing for a week of studying and others getting ready for a busy few days of services, the Pope John Paul II Award Participants were getting ready to volunteer throughout their school and parishes in many Easter Services and activities.

During Holy Week, we at Living Youth went to visit the PJPII groups in Aghagallon & Ballinderry Parish, Clonard Monastery, St Louise’s College, Belfast, St. Patrick’s Academy, Lisburn, St Patrick’s College, Belfast and The Parish of Maghera (Newcastle). All the groups were running or preparing for an Easter Service or the Stations of the Cross. These Easter services were strong witnesses to either the schools or Parishes they were in. Guiding others in reflection, meditation, music, prayer and preparing them for Easter Sunday. These times of prayer lead by the young people were not only inspiring for us to watch and take part in, but particularly engaging to their peers and others within the schools.

 There were also several PJPII Award groups who led Stations of the Cross Services. This was done in a variety of ways throughout the Parishes and schools, including readings, having everyone take part, acting out the stations, visuals and media and music, all done in a very solemn manor that not only way engaging for those watching, but emotive for them also when they were reminded of Jesus dying for us on the Cross to forgive us of our sins.

 There are currently 391 PJPII Award participants in the Diocese of Down & Connor completing the award through Living Youth. The PJPII Award participants that we got to visit during this week were only a few of many who were taking part in many services, impacting on their friends, their Parish communities, their schools and on themselves and on their own faith also. We pray that you continue supporting their work throughout the Diocese and that you keep all our youth in your prayers.