Our Youth Ministry

At the launch of the new Down & Connor Youth Commission – ‘Living Youth’, the new Director Pauline Dowd opened her address by explaining that “This is a very exciting time for the Youth Commission and an opportunity to acknowledge the work that is currently on-going across the Diocese as well as planning how this work can be developed and shared so that we provide opportunities for young people in every parish to learn about, live, celebrate and share their faith.”

She said “ultimately the Youth Commission aims to provide a cycle of care, which engages . . . young people throughout their post primary education and beyond.”  And that to do this the Youth Commission are keen to work with all of the organisations in the Diocese that can help them support young people to build the Kingdom of God.

The Director spoke in detail about the audit of youth provision across the 88 parishes in the Diocese that is on-going and that will ultimately feed into the new strategic and operational plans of the Youth Commission.  She also spoke at length about the wide and varied work that is currently on-going including the Pope John Paul II Award, the preparation for World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro and the links with Habitat for Humanity.

The success of the recent DCF music ministry weekend at Dromantine was also welcomed as are the 3 days in the Diocese that will follow after Christmas to help new folk groups to get started.   We were all invited to join the Director and the Youth Commission Staff Team to pray with and for the young people of the Diocese at ‘Prayer in the City’ in the Chapel Lane premises at 5:30pm on the 4 Fridays before Christmas starting Friday 30th November.

Pauline then spoke of the work that the Youth Commission is currently doing with the Full-time Youth Centres in terms of safeguarding and the plans to expand this work to include all youth groups across the Diocese.   Finally the Director outlined the importance of collecting the Voice of Young People and how the Youth Commission plans to do this, via the website, facebook and twitter.

Finally she thanked all of the young people who had been involved in the design of the new logo and brand and all of those who has assisted with the collection of their views.