Little Flower School

The Youth Director recently visited Little Flower School in Belfast and met with the PJPII Award Leader Miss Mc Carthy and girls from year 13 and year 14 who are currently involved in the Award.

The year 13 girls were keen to talk about the various activities they had been involved in as part of the “Getting Connected” programme in Year 11 and 12 and explained that their involvement in this programme had led to their interest in the PJPII Award.  They took part in assemblies dealing with issues like homelessness and the work of the Welcome Centre and collected gloves and socks for distribution to homeless people.  They also took part in the Blythswood Christian Care shoebox appeal.

The year 14 pupils are just finishing the PJPII Award and spoke of the various events they had been involved in at school and in their local parish.  They have been actively involved in Faith Friends with the local parish schools and have been involved in peer ministry on a weekly basis with Year 8 and 9 students in No. 65 Somerton Road.  This is an after school club in which they take part and create resources/programmes to help younger students deal with issues like self-esteem, fear and prayer.  Many of them were participants in these programmes when they were in junior school themselves.   The year 14 girls are particularly looking forward to the “No Limits” Sports Day they are organising on 8th February for year 8&9 students of Cedar Lodge Special School.  The girls have taken on the organisation of this event and are responsible for everything from designing the logo to managing the event on the day.  They have also put a lot of effort into fundraising and have been involved in bun sales, milk shake sales, a music night and a pub quiz.

The girls of Little Flower School really enjoy being involved in the PJPII Award and feel that it has increased their self confidence, given them the opportunity to meet and work with new people and encouraged them to take on leadership roles that they would not have previously considered.  The girls also enjoyed being involved in faith ministry in their school and their local parish particularly during the Easter ceremonies.

Some of the year 14 group attended the launch of the new Youth Commission in November and are keen to be involved in our programme of events in the coming months, in between studying and exams of course!

Little Flower Year 13

Little Flower Year 13