De La Salle Pastoral Centre

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the De La Salle Pastoral Centre in West Belfast, where I met the retreat team and discussed the programmes on offer and their ongoing work with young people and adults. 

The team offer a series of school retreats to young people from age 11 to 18 and to adults of all ages. They have a selection of school retreat programmes to suit each year-groups, and a selection of programmes for those in third level education, parish groups, youth leaders and school staff.

The aim is to give young people and adults a positive faith experience in an atmosphere of welcome, friendship and respect, in the hope that each individual will discover God within themselves and their potential for spiritual growth.

The programmes offer a break from the routine of everyday activities, where young people and adults are given the opportunity to look deeply at their own lives and the nature of their own belief. This is done through games, discussion, craft-activities, prayer and liturgy.

To find out more visit the website at, contact the team on 0289 501932 or just call in, I can recommend the tea and buns and the very warm welcome.

Pauline Dowd