Cross & Passion JPII Award Students

Kiera recently went to visit Cross & Passion, College in Ballycastle to visit the JPII students who are taking part in the Award. The teacher and their students were very warm and welcoming & they all shared their lovely experiences of the Pope JPII Award so far. It is clear that the work they are doing is diverse and fantastic! They are actively engaged in their parish, in their school and in the community. Many of them are part of the MAD (Making a Difference) group & lots of them help out with SPRED – a few of them are even going on pilgrimage, to Lourdes, this summer. Many of them are part of the Children’s Liturgy in their local parishes and some are even doing readings. All of the JPII recruits help out at the local ‘Save the Children’ charity shop and at the local recycling/greenhouse unit which employs people with special learning difficulties. Keep up the great work!

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