Ballygalget Parish

Ballygalget 1

Conor recently visited the Parish GIFT 1 & 2 groups in Ballygalget Parish who run simultaneously on Friday evenings in the parish hall.

He was welcomed into a lively bustling room full with the GIFT 1 group who were getting ready for an exciting evening of decorating cupcakes, eating pancakes and a visit to the Parish Church. He heard stories of how the young people were enjoying the GIFT programme and how the leaders were enjoying the programme along with the young people.   The GIFT 2 group was just as welcoming and just as lively. They were acting out stories from the Bible such as the Good Samaritan and other stories about forgiveness. They then got to showcase their stories to each other which not only portrayed the stories very well, but were entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

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Ballygalget 2